BLOT!, or Basic Love Of Things, is a one-of-a-kind live mixed media and AV performance ensemble. Since 2007, they have been exploring urban culture through electronic music, film-making, art, design and installations. 

BLOT! received a Wellcome Trust International Engagement Award 2015 for their project ‘Trick or Treat’. The award provides funding for innovative public
or community engagement projects that explore biomedical research or health
in Africa and Asia. ‘Trick or Treat’ explored street medicine in India. 


“The world of Medicine Corner
is one that’s fascinated us before, and we were excited to have the opportunity to explore it further!
As is our practice, we aim to do this not through a didactic presentation of the issues in text and image but through what we are known in India for – live, audiovisual performances and artistic explorations that target a playful, yet provocative understanding and appreciation of the puzzling world around us.”



‘Trick or Treat’ culminated in January 2016, with a day-long workshop followed by an electronic music performance with video montage, in the courtyard of the British Council’s headquarters in Delhi. During the afternoon seminar, the duo presented their documentary photography on informal health practices in India. A panel of medical scientists and health specialists spoke at length on the future of healthcare in India, emphasizing how innovation is key for affordable and effective practice worldwide.